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The Executive 2018-2019


The Executive for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year is:
President: Christina McDermott
1st Vice President: George Richard (JLJ)
2nd Vice President: Norma-Jean Gomme
Secretary: Brittany Hall
Treasurer: Amanda Bowlby (Carlin)
Local Reps: Doug Brown (PVSS), Jessa Clark, Graham Gomme (SUL)
Pro-D Chair: Kyla Hadden (ERS)
TTOC/New Teacher Chair: Noah Ralston (Silver Creek Elementary)
Bargaining Chair: Graham Gomme (SUL)
Communications: Jessa Clark
Health and Safety: Carole Berube
Aboriginal Education: Meredith Rusk (Salmon Arm West)
Member Involvement: VACANT
Social Justice: Heather McDonald (Teen House)
Members at Large: Jen Kelly (District Education Support Center), Christina Tomkins (PVSS)
Local Election Contact: Norma Jean Gomme
Immediate Past President: Brenda O’Dell

Contact information for all members will be available in the Fall.

The NOSTA Constitution is a valuable resource for our guiding principles.

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  1. Hello there
    I am interested in offering a workshop at the October 19 PD and wonder how I can send my information/request to the Pro-D Chair?
    I look forward to hearing from her soon.

    best regards,

    Shannon Marsh

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